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Solar Power

Produce your own clean energy. Solar panels create energy for your home without having to use fossil fuels or gases. It also helps to secure lower energy bills. Stop paying expensive utility rates that continue to inflate. Put that money back into your home and see the savings build.

Do I qualify to go Solar?

To qualify for Solar, you must first own your home. Renters cannot participate in the government programs that are available. You must also have good credit to qualify.  

Does going Solar cost a lot of money.

The government program that we offer is zero dollars out of pocket. Customers switch from their normal energy provider to the new solar program. We cover all fees and installs. We also cover the cost of new insulation and duct sealing.

Tax incentives.

Currently the federal government is offering a 30% tax incentive to anyone who gos solar. The state of Arizona also offers a tax credit as well.

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