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Insulation Removal

Many homes have outdated insulation that causes dust and allergies. Insulation can also become infested with rodents or insects. Removing the old insulation in an attic can reduce dust and allergy issues. It also helps to find any duct leakage or penetration points in the drywall, so that they can be sealed.

How is the insulation removed?

The old insulation is removed with a sizable insulation vacuum connected to a long hose. With the hose, the insulation is vacuumed out of the attic and into large insulation bags. These bags are then hauled away to the dump and disposed off. 

What are the benefits to removing old insulation?

Old insulation can cause dust and allergies. Also, when the insulation is removed, it gives us a good opportunity to find leaking ductwork and penetration points that need to be sealed up.  

How long does it usually take to remove the insulation.

Removing the old insulation in a home can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours depending on the size of the home and the depth of the old insulation.

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